Learning how to program can be a frustrating process. You’re coding along, minding your own business and then… your code no longer works. If one of these things has happened to you, then you no doubt know what we’re talking about:

  • Your JavaScript code won’t run.
  • Your PHP code won’t run.
  • There is an error on your terminal and you have no idea how to fix it.
  • You’ve tried laying out your page for the millionth time and your images won’t line up.
  • Java syntax confuses the heck out of you.

The list goes on.

If you’re new to programming, this is probably disappointing. You may think that experienced engineers don’t have any problems to solve. Well, I’ll tell you a secret…

They have just as many problems to solve if not more. Programming and web / software development are all about solving problems. And like any skill, learning to think your way through to a solution is a skill you can learn. You can actually acquire it. And that’s what You Can Learn How to Code is all about. Here, you will find articles on the technical aspects of web development, help with acquiring the proper mindset and guidance on the best books and courses that will give you a solid foundation as a web designer, web developer or software engineer.

Our Mission

At You Can Learn How to Code, our mission is to empower you with the programming knowledge, the mindset, and guide you to the resources you need to become a successful programmer.

If you’re just getting started and are not sure where to begin, check out What Programming Languages Should I Learn? If you need guidance at any time, feel free to contact us at support@youcanlearnhowtocode.com. You can do this!